Amazon Web Services

We, reliable Amazon Web Services Partners, are trusted to leverage the latest technologies AWS has to offer. We help customers to migrate to the AWS Cloud for better flexibility, elasticity and cost savings.

With our complete suite of AWS web hosting services, the pain of traditional hosting has been minimized. It helps companies with a variety of workloads like development, data processing, warehousing, etc.

We help to:
  • design your technical architecture, in case you don’t have the server setup.
  • give support and manage the existing server instances.
  • provide you with the design solution for the server maintenance.

AWS- Amazon Hosting Services

AWS is a secure cloud services platform with a set of functionalities to help organisations move faster, lower IT costs and scale. The features like compute power, database storage, content delivery and many more likewise add value to your IT infrastructure.

AWS offer services in the form of building blocks; each building block can be used to extensively to create and deploy custom cloud-based applications that are scalable in nature.

The benefits are:
  • Low variable costs
  • No need to carry extra IT resources like servers, in advance
  • Quick results
  • High availability
  • APIs to manage infrastructure, take backups and launch instance
  • PaaS (Platform as a service) approach
  • Tools for disaster recovery

Solutions We Offer

Assessment/Jumpstart Package

To allow businesses evaluate their digital readiness and maturity and opt cloud solutions to meet their business and IT challenges.

Cloud Migration Services

To help enterprises to seamlessly migrate various applications to the cloud while ensuring minimal or no disruption to business.

Customer Application Development

To build multiple applications, each designed to support specific business tasks and empower targeted set of users.

Managed Services

We become your service provider to manage your AWS requirements so that you can focus better on business operations. We are focused to handle the service requests.

Strategic IT Consulting

To provide the strategic guidance in their transformation journey, we partner with our customer as an extension of their team.

System Integration

To offer integration strategy for industry-specific solutions that are extensible into an enterprise’s choice of software and platforms.

Features at a Glance

DMC Solution- Content Management
Pay what you use

Amazon follows ‘Pay as you use’ approach to set hosting pricing. This certainly helps maintain the server infrastructure for large sites with bulk of traffic.

DMC Solution- Centralized Contracting

It gives the provision of scheduling the services, means to start and stop various instances for a particular time. It ease the process to control that specified services will not run during odd hours (when not required).

DMC Solution- Quality Control
Better performance

Different versions of Amazon server such as Simple Storage service (S3) and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) having unique features runs with fast pace. The result is, improved performance unlike private data centers.

DMC Solution- Enquiry Operation
Fast deployment

With Amazon web services, the deployment time has been shrinked to few minutes. AWS CloudFormation is the answer to roll down multiple environments at a single click.

DMC Solution- Operational Utilities
More Flexibility

AWS server allows a variety of services work together in sync with your application for better communication and performance. Also, the demands can be analysed and managed accordingly.

DMC Solution- MIS Reports
High Security

IAM (Identity and Access Management) service allows to define the privileges for the user actions with the specified roles. Likewise, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) enables to launch resources in a virtual network where ill-intended user cannot enter.

DMC Solution- MIS Reports

Tools like Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing to scale up and down as per the need. It gives access to the compute and storage resources pertaining to the need.

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