Microsoft Azure

We are Azure CSP partner – Cloud Solution Providers in India with a team of experts in Azure Cloud Services. We can help you plan, architect and deploy the mix of cloud solutions to give you a scalable infrastructure to support applications or web services.

Microsoft Azure is the mix of cloud computing services that offers flexibility to an organization to create, manage and deploy applications on a global network with the preferred set of tools and frameworks. This helps enterprises meet their business challenges.

Why Choose Microsoft Azure Cloud Services For your Business?

Microsoft Azure has the power to transform the way your business operates at a global level. It helps businesses revolutionize the way they use technology. So, on that note, let’s take a look at why you should choose Microsoft Azure for your business.

Enhanced Security

Microsoft is s world-renowned name and we can rest assured of the security measures it takes to keep data safe. Various tools such as Threat Intelligence, Azure Information Protection, Advanced Threat Analytics, and Multi-Factor Authorization regulate the Azure environment and take care of the security of the data. They help you identify threats and suspicious users as well as devices on your network. Thus, Azure aids in providing the highest levels of security.

High Scalability and Availability

Microsoft has its data centers located in different parts of the globe, thanks to the wide global footprint it holds. Azure SLS offers high uptime and ensures better availability. Moreover, considering that businesses have volatile needs, you are going to need a service that can scale up and down according to the needs at a particular time. Azure is the perfect choice as it ensures high scalability according to changing business requirements.

Effectiveness of Costs

Every business has a fixed IT budget they can’t cross. So, Azure ensures that you don’t break your bank and pay only for what you are using. The payment plan is based on a pay-as-you-go approach and enables businesses to purchase only what they need. Azure also helps reduce the cost of setting up and maintaining infrastructure and manages your IT environment.

With our end-to-end Cloud Solutions, we help to:
  • Minimize go to market cycles with faster delivery
  • Deploy extensive hybrid cloud environment
  • Easily migrate your existing infrastructure
  • Active Directory Identity & Access
  • Microsoft Azure Consulting Services
  • Azure Managed Services
  • Azure Infrastructure Services
  • Application Development Platform
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing
  • Azure SQL & Data Storage

Azure Cloud Services are categorized into 3 different types-

Infrastructure as a Service
  • Pay on demand instead of complete purchase.
  • Scalable as per the storage needs.
  • Users have access to servers, networking, and storage.
  • Enterprises can use their own apps and platforms.
Platform as a Service
  • Users get a platform to create and manage applications in the same environment.
  • Unhindered communication when the team works remotely
  • The operating system, security, and backups managed by service providers
Software as a Service
  • Subscription-based model for users to work with software and apps
  • Scalable as per the needs
  • Applications can be accessed virtually across the globe
  • Software install, upgrade, and management via SaaS providers

The blend of these solutions can be used for services such as Analytics, Virtual Computing, Storage, Networking, and much more. And above all, it is easy to replace or supplement your on-premise servers.

For Secured Future- Shield Your Business with Azure Services

Let’s learn how:
  • Multi-layered security over physical data centers and infrastructure operations. With a variety of security controls provided, it adds protection against threats like DDoS.
  • A multitude of built-in controls to protect your workloads quickly across apps, data, and networking.
  • Unique cybersecurity intelligence to identify new threats early. These insights are created by analyzing vast sources including web pages and emails; which then inform Azure services for any threat.
  • Multi-factor authentication adds another security level to the data and applications. It also enables single sign-on for Android, Windows and iOS cloud apps.
Some add-on features of azure cloud services
  • It integrates with your Active Directory and offers centralized management of multiple available apps such as Office 365.
  • Enables data back up in any language, from any location on any operating system where one can define the schedule with desired frequency and extent.
  • Easy integration of the devices to the existing infrastructure helps in collecting data about the organization

Why Microsoft Cloud Hosting Services

  • 99.95% uptime performance
  • Work with the current language, framework, and tools
  • Unlimited server and storage space
  • Scale applications to any size with ease
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery to prevent data loss
  • Extensive Content delivery network (CDN) for global exposure
  • Leverage SQL Azure’s Business Intelligence capabilities
  • Plan IT infrastructure for optimum utilization
  • Lower TCO compared to on-premise deployment
  • Reduce application/server management costs
  • Simplify big data with Azure Data Lake Analytics
  • Faster time to market of solutions
  • Dependable Data Centers
  • Pay-as-you-go model

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