Cloud Email

Our integrated Cloud Email solutions ensure improved services with enhanced functionality, collaboration, greater access, and flexibility. It reduces the costs associated with email storage and delivers better security to your business. Moving to the Cloud gives access to the enterprises for their email, contacts and shared calendars through multiple devices like mobiles, laptops, and tablets.

The best part of using the Cloud Email platform is the regular update to the latest software version to always have the most recent email functionality. Cloud email is safe and encrypted with no more waiting for email server backups & maintenance outages. The Cloud email solutions that we offer are MS Office 365, Open-source mailing solutions and Linux mailing solutions.

Rich Compliance Features of our email hosting providers

  • Access Controls for explicit data
    access authorization.
  • Encryption keys for added compliance
    and control for Office 365 data at rest.
  • Manage a complete lifecycle from importing and storing data to creating policies.

Expecting More- Switch to Microsoft Office 365

We are Microsoft Gold Partner and well poised to advise & help you deploy Office 365 within your organization. Moving to Office 365 is easy with us. We are the one-stop-shop for all your Microsoft Office 365 needs where you can select the best subscription program for Office 365 as per your business.

Office 365 had evolved a lot more than just an email client. It makes your work really faster with access to mobile devices. So, there is no restriction for the employees to sit at the office. MS Office 365 is ready when you are and lets you work anywhere, anytime and on any device. It gives you the flexibility to choose the desired tools from the set of rich applications freely available.

We help in building a platform for better information sharing and communication through a secure emailing solution within your Organization and Outside world. We focus on Design, Implementation, and maintenance of mailing solutions.

Microsoft Platform and Messaging services

  • New Implementation and OS upgrade/migration to OFFICE 365
  • Active Directory Rollout / Implementation and Consolidation
  • High Availability Solutions
  • Mail Migration: MS Exchange to Other Mailing Solutions and vice-versa
  • Backup, High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Microsoft Exchange

Virtualization Implementation

  • Server consolidation from Physical to Virtual and Migration to Cloud Infrastructure
  • Microsoft SCCM Implementation and upgrade

Microsoft 365- Security at its best

Protect Credentials

Identity and access management to protect your usernames and passwords on the cloud as well as on your device.

Detect Threats

Threat protection to detect, protect from and respond to the threats on data, email, devices, and apps.

Define policies

Security management to define the security policies and enable controls for cloud, on-premise & hybrid networks.

For the entire subscription tenure, Our Help Desk offers 24×7 administrator and end-user support for Office 365 technical challenges, trouble-shooting, product assistance, and provisioning.

Few Open-source
Mailing solutions
that we support:

Linux mail server is yet another mail server on our list that we support. It possesses a lot of functionalities to offer to the enterprises, such as-

  • Secured OS
  • Powerful anti-spam filter
  • Community/ Company Linux support
  • Support to IMAP, Webmail and POP3
  • Reliable and secure
Why Choose Cloud Email Services

Every business today needs reliable email functionalities. Today, there are many email hosting providers that offer higher flexibility and scalability than e-mail services housed on a company’s own servers. On that note, let’s take a look at why you should opt for our cloud hosting services.

No Maintenance of Servers

Maintaining a server is a complex and expensive process. Plus, it requires a great technical expertise. Regular email hosting providers incur variable costs. But when you switch to cloud email, the costs are more predictable. If you have a strapped budget, cloud email is the way to go. Moreover, the tech staff can spend their valuable time to add value to the firm instead of fretting over the maintenance of servers. Also when you keep real servers out of the picture, you can save up a lot on hardware and energy investments.

Easier Recovery From Disasters

Sometimes, the worst can happen which can compromise internal servers and affect data. Every document, spreadsheet, and media stored in your servers is vital for business, the loss of which can cause significant destruction. But cloud email doesn’t come with those problems. Even if your device crashes, you won’t end up losing valuable data. This makes it easier for a company to recover from disasters.

Better Collaboration and Access

You can access cloud-based emails from any device at any location. This increases productivity as remote workers can contribute better via cloud emails. When workers can access information any time and anywhere, they can collaborate easily even if they are not present at that same location.

The bottom line, our cloud email services help you save time and increase the efficiency with which your company functions. Our email hosting providers are sure to eliminate hassles and increase the flexibility of your business.

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