Backup and Disaster Recovery

For every business type, it is quintessential to be cautious enough for all kinds of disasters. It comes in all shapes and sizes- from cyber-attacks, equipment crashes or even natural disasters. An important point to be noted at such scenario is, an enterprise can resist to these situations only if it has the capability to replicate the systems and data. Disaster Recovery ensures business continuity without any hindrance to the business operations during any disaster.

We, at TI Infotech, follows a stringent Disaster Recovery plan focusing largely on the preventive steps needed for the restoration of operations. We understand that data loss might result in a serious financial impact on the organizations and damage their reputation. Hence, we focus on proper planning and creation of a roadmap to deal with potential disasters that can negatively impact a company in the long-term.

Data Centre Management Services
Why Us

Protecting data is not confined merely to handle system failures and operational issues but also counts for data protection against localized disasters, malware, and ransomware, within budget. Our high-performance Disaster Recovery Services ensure zero data loss for most workloads with real-time protection for virtual servers in your cloud.

We aim to protect your system, data, and applications via implementing leading Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions via:

  • Comparatively less operational resources consumption
  • Fast data recovery in the event of a disaster
  • Quick restoration of normal operations
  • Significant savings for software licenses and hardware
  • Fastest backups with minimal disruption to your business
  • Protect against system failure and localized disaster
  • Easy to integrate backup solutions
Effective Disaster Plans to Help Businesses at Every Step

Enterprises today allocating the relevant amount of their IT budgets to disaster recovery planning, with an intent to minimize the infrastructure risks. The reason is, you cannot run a business by putting yourself at risk of data loss. Even if you have a disaster recovery plan of any kind, it demands frequent updates.

Similarly, if you are thinking of coming up with one, it is advisable to have an initial risk assessment and identify vulnerabilities to your IT infrastructure to analyse prior where things might go wrong. Here, it is a prerequisite to know what your IT infrastructure looks like.

A calculative measure for every organization is to maintain the health of its business. Data Recovery Services are not the one-day task. Ideally, they must be designed, deployed and tested at the very first stage even before they are needed.

If you need complete Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for your business, contact us for unhindered services and quality assistance.

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