Professional Services

Professional Services refers to any activity or service which is time-bound/ one-time/ agreed frequency with a definite start and end date being rendered to a customer based on a one-time charge. Here the engagement with the customer is well defined in terms of scope and deliverable.

Maintaining a dedicated full-time resource to handle a company’s overall IT needs is not always practically feasible. The reason is, it is expensive and time-consuming for businesses. The solution to this scenario is to hire professional IT services from a reliable service provider who can help you remain competitive and enhance current technologies.

We, at TI Infotech, are focused on handling your infrastructure right by configuring and implementing innovative technology solutions. We examine your needs and challenges to document the right solution for your business. With on-time delivery under a specified budget, we enable you to make out the maximum business value.

Our Professional Services Includes:

  • Project Management Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Database upgradation
  • Application upgradation and other one-time activities
  • Microsoft Platform and Messaging
  • Database Offerings
  • Application and Middleware Offerings
  • Network offerings
    • Network Consulting
    • Network Integration and Deployment Services
    • Network Optimization

Professional Services: Affordable Answer to All Your IT Needs

  • Focus more on core business functions
    When the IT-related issues will be given to the one dealing in professional services, the employees will have more time to spend on the revenue-generating opportunities and other business functionalities. The time and effort being spent by these people previously will be saved for core competencies; thus, to produce efficient business results.
  • Downtime can be reduced
    In any business, a few minutes of downtime can cause heavy cost where uptime is a prime concern. It can be any issues like internet connectivity, system failure or email communications that are tough to leave unnoticed. The right service provider gives measured approaches to the maintenance, security, back up and disaster recovery. And notably, the costly downtime will be lower, via remote systems monitoring and 24/7 response capabilities.
  • Access to on-demand resources
    There are instances when the enterprise faces challenges of scaling down. During these unplanned events, you might need strategic expertise and administrative functions with the agility of resources needed for emergencies. The ability to adjust to daily technology is an added advantage.
  • In pace with the latest technology
    It is beneficial for a business to keep in pace with the new technologies to have innovative solutions instead of using the traditional methods capable of generating limited results. The robust professional services are meant to implement the latest hardware, software and network apps to your IT infra so that it can react best to the competitive threats.

Benefits for Your Business

  • Maintain data security
  • Optimize data performance across multiple networks (LAN, WAN, Wireless)
  • Scale capacity on demand
  • Back up execution and restore processes
  • 24X7 uptime
  • Integrate servers across cloud, hybrid, and on-premise
  • Instant access to apps on any device

If you need to hire our professional services, send us your business needs and we will contact you with the right solution.

Why should you opt for our professional services?

Besides meeting strict deadlines and providing the best infrastructure, here are some more ways your business can benefit from our professional services.

Higher ROI

One of the most important goals for any business is an increased return on investment. Our professional IT services with skilled staff and cutting edge technology will be at your service for a comparatively lesser cost than a typical in-house IT department. At a similar price point, we provide more resources and protection against threats to your organization.

Better Productivity

Sometimes, your IT staff can get held up with other tasks such as addressing minor issues that can arise within the company premises. All in all, they are already loaded with the tasks they are supposed to do. In that case, you need a team of IT experts solely dedicated to IT problems that occur within your company. This way, you can divert your IT staff towards focusing on the progress of the business while we take care of other services for you.

Specialists To Avoid Security Breaches

The security of business and customer data occupies the highest priority while running a business. Now, cybercrime will never come to an end completely. In fact, cyber-attacks are increasing as technology advances. This calls for a need to seek aid from experts who know what they are doing when it comes to security. Our professional team of experts comprises highly trained and skilled individuals that can help you avoid security breaches and prevent attacks to a great extent.

We help you get the most out of your business by expanding capacities to the fullest. The bottom line, if you wish to simplify your business management, our professional services are the way to go.

Need to contact us?

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