Remote Infrastructure Management

Every business bears the responsibility of maintaining and enhancing their IT assets. This requires seamless connectivity to different systems and networks globally. You also need to scale the capacity of the systems according to specific requirements using Remote Infrastructure Management services.

IT Infra Services offers a full suite of solutions as required by companies to outsource their IT management. Managing IT infrastructure is a challenging aspect when it is located at multiple locations to support various functional areas. This is the reason a greater number of organizations are adopting RIM in recent times, replacing the traditional on-premises IT infrastructure management team.

With our Remote Infrastructure Support, we believe in leveraging the latest technology innovations for productive business results, for – quick ROI and lower TCO. We take the responsibility for monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for IT systems and functions on your behalf.

Our Infra team helps in managing the Infrastructure lifecycle via secured delivery channels. Our services range from planning to deployment along with ongoing technical support anytime.

Our RIM services work for your business via:

  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Remote Technical Support to End Users
  • Desktop Support Management
  • Server Support Management
  • Network Support Management

We carry out infrastructure analysis as part of RIM services thereby helps in performance improvement by identifying and eliminating issues in an organization’s existing infrastructure. Lack of dependency on internal resources enforces system availability and uptime improvements.

Our Service Offerings

TI Infotech team has expertise in managing the complex infrastructure of the enterprises with robust end-to-end services.

Multi-level Service
  • Setup and Installation of Hardware
  • Networking, Virus and Security Solutions
  • Internet and Email Support
  • PC Optimization
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
End User Support
  • Centralized Service Desk - Captive Service Desk & Remote Service Desk
  • Desktop Support
  • Asset Management
  • Transformation Services
  • Supplier (Vendor) Management

Paybacks of FMS Services

  • End-to-end solutions including Hardware Infrastructure, Applications, Data Centre, NOCs and Multi-Domain Capability.
  • World-class multi-faceted alliances with various technology leaders facilitate the early adoption of new technologies.
  • Global Sourcing Capabilities
  • Centralized Service Desk with Skilled Resource
  • Multi-level Tech support via Phone / Email / Chat / SMS/ Remote Login/Skilled Engineers

To make a mark in the competitive world, the business sector needs to make sure that the IT costs don’t skyrocket. RIM is now available to companies regardless of their size. RIM includes tools and cutting edge technology that can take care of the service structure according to specific business needs.

Why Opt For Our Remote Infrastructure Management Services

Depending on your business needs, our Remote IT Infrastructure Management Services give you access to personalized services. Since we offer a separate department for RIM, the IT costs lower down drastically. Here are some reasons why you should opt for our Remote Infrastructure Management System.

24x7 Support

The worst thing about any IT infrastructure is the fact that there can be technical issues at any point. To be honest, no matter how robust you make a system, it’s never so perfect as to completely avoid any outages or breakdowns. Therefore, constant support is a must to keep all the systems running smoothly. Our team of experts provides support round the clock. So, anytime you encounter a problem, our support team is there to help you out.

Improved Uptime

Our skilled technicians and high standard equipment along with impeccable Remote Infrastructure Management Companies ensure an improved uptime. Not only that, we partner with the best service providers to integrate the best technology and provide you the best customer experience. Thus, you can stay put as we ensure an unparalleled network redundancy as well as improved uptime.

Constant Advancements In Technology

Do you think it’s practical for a company to incur massive costs to train staff and invest in different management systems and new infrastructure? Of course not! But if you opt for our services, you won’t have to fret over any extra costs of infrastructure as we take care of it all. We constantly strive for advancements in technology and provide our customers with the most efficient, newer, and superior services.

Customized, Tailor-Made Services

When you opt for our Remote Server Management, you still have full control over your IT department. This means that you can always determine what and how much you need and we will customize our services according to your specific requirements.

More Additional Services

When you have an in-house IT infrastructure team, additional services can cost you a lot. Narrow job descriptions and too many responsibilities can lead to this scenario. But if you choose our Remote Infrastructure Management Solutions, we can help you save costs and offer more services. For instance, our skilled and certified team members are experts in identifying issues before they occur. This way, you will be aware of the areas in your company that need improvement.

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