Virtualisation services by TI Infotech allow you to create virtual version of server, network, storage device, or even an operating system where the framework divides the dedicated resource into multiple execution environments. You can consolidate and optimize TCO by freeing up more space in your offices, hard-drives & server room thereby taking care of the most important IT assets for you.

Virtualisation follows the concept of partitioning where, a single physical server is distributed into multiple logical servers, which in turn, run operating system and applications independently. It aims to centralize administrative tasks with improved scalability and workloads while maintaining minimal hardware costs.

Virtualisation Services are preferred as reliable and secure compared to on-site systems while offering the same gamut of services. This is the reason companies are switching to virtualization to increase productivity, reduce IT infrastructure costs and help control workloads across data centers.

The enterprises were initially restricted to traditional servers that run just one operating system and application at a time. This limitation has been resolved with Server Virtualisation Services to optimize your server use with easy availability and better performance so that workloads can be deployed faster.

With Virtualisation, IT companies can control the resources efficiently by:
  • Server Virtualisation- Single Physical Server Act Like Multiple Ones
  • OS Virtualisation- Multiple Operating Systems Managed by a Single Physical System

Benefits from Us

At TI Infotech, we work in sync with your business needs to help you bring the maximum benefits from Virtualisation services.

Let’s learn how:
  • Advanced resource optimisation by dividing the available bandwidth into separate channels
  • Robust backup and disaster recovery for storing and managing critical data
  • Smooth storage management and hardware consolidation
  • Authentication, configuration and deployment of infrastructure pertaining to your needs
  • Multiple levels of support to the customers in sync with their workforce and capabilities

Paybacks of Virtualisation

  • Agile IT setup
  • Availability ~ 99.95% Uptime
  • Scalability
  • Elasticity with Metered Service
  • Accessibility
  • Reduce TCO: Cost varies from Capital expense (Capex) to Opex (Operational expense)
  • Improved ROI

With us, you are not confined to the rigid server configurations or obliged to pay for underutilized resources. Rather, you are allowed to add, remove or modify server resources as per the need.

If you need comprehensive Virtualisation services to manage your server so that your IT staff can spend more time on core business tasks, contact us for more info.

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