Server Virtualization

Better utilization of resources is the foremost need for any business for increased productivity and Server Virtualization technology is the booming trend today to achieve the same. In terms of cost advantages, it reduces the hardware and space requirements with strengthening features like agile capacity, workload migration and enhanced disaster recovery options.

Server Virtualization simply means to partition a physical server into multiple smaller virtual servers; each one acts like an actual server. Each virtual server has the capability to run and reboot its own OS independent from other virtual server. Increased resource utilization and reduced hardware cost has encouraged enterprises to choose this option.

We, at TI Infotech, believes in boosting the capabilities of a physical infrastructure where multiple applications can be installed on a single server. Now, the server workloads are not restricted to a single piece of physical hardware. Instead, multiple workloads can be put simultaneously on the same device. And the benefits are common to businesses of all sizes, which are:

  • Server and desktop positioning
  • Increased uptime
  • Less physical servers
  • Higher server availability
  • Greater IT efficiency
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Fast workload deployment
  • Increased application performance
  • Reduced server sprawl and complexity

Glimpse of Capabilities

Server virtualization process conserves space via consolidation, which means to assign each server to a single application. In case multiple applications are using less processing power, it is easy to consolidate various machines into single server with multiple virtual environments. With this, the businesses can gain the reduced need of physical space.

Redundancy, process of running the same application on multiple servers, is a smart safety measure offered by Data Virtualization. It aims to minimize any interruption in performance in case a server fails. At that time, another server running the same application can replace it.

Those in the need of changing server environment can migrate it from one place to another. With Virtualization services, the virtual servers can now be migrated from one physical machine in the network to other, keeping the right hardware and software in consideration.

Less Servers- More Space

As you are reducing the number of servers required in the data centre, you are going good over the money savings on every aspect of your business from physical space to maintenance cost. Fewer servers and less networking gear leaves you free from the worries of capital expenditures spent on new hardware. And the best part is, it comes packed with the value-added points like speed, performance, agility, high availability, scalability and flexibility.

From partitioning the resources between virtual machines to migrating virtual machine to any physical server, we are genuinely focused on delivering the business efficiency.

For more info about our Virtualisation services, write to our team and we will solve your queries with the quality solutions.

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